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AssPro managerline GmbH

Postal address
PO Box 11 19
50201 Frechen, Germany

Augustinusstraße 11c
50226 Frechen, Germany

Telephone +49 2234 92883-0
Telefax +49 2234 92883-39
E-mail info@asspromanagerline.de

Austrian Branch

Rathausstraße 21/18
1010 Vienna, Austria

Telephone +43 1 4062142-0
Telefax +43 1 4062142-42
E-mail info@asspromanagerline.at

AssPro managerline GmbH: Special contractor for professional indemnity insurance for the legal and consulting professions.

The underwriting agent AssPro managerline GmbH is specialized in professional indemnity insurance for the legal and consulting professions in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg since 2001.

We offer a team of competent contacts, and offer you quality and expertise from a single source.

What is an underwriting agent?

This term originally referred to independent multiple agents, specializing in transport insurance, in particular shipping. In Germany, they operated in the maritime locations of Hamburg and Bremen.

Today, an underwriting agent is defined as follows:
An underwriting agent is equipped with far-reaching powers of attorney from the insurance companies it represents for the wide field of property and casualty insurance including liability insurance. Based on the contractual powers of attorney, the underwriting agent is allowed to calculate premiums on behalf of the insurance companies, to accept risks for cover, to issue insurance policies for applications, to collect, and also to adjust claims if required. The insurance companies represented bear the risk and provide insurance cover. The underwriting agent cooperates with these insurance companies to develop its products or cover concepts.