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AssPro managerline GmbH

Postal address
PO Box 11 19
50201 Frechen, Germany

Augustinusstraße 11c
50226 Frechen, Germany

Telephone +49 2234 92883-0
Telefax +49 2234 92883-39
E-mail info@asspromanagerline.de

Austrian Branch

Rathausstraße 21/18
1010 Vienna, Austria

Telephone +43 1 4062142-0
Telefax +43 1 4062142-42
E-mail info@asspromanagerline.at

Corporate Identity

AssPro managerline GmbH is a specialist provider of insurance services for professional indemnity insurance.

With our team of experts and our special know-how we have the decisive competitive advantage regarding the composition of sophisticated insurance concepts.

We aim to create the best possible assurance and satisfaction for our customers. That is why we always focus on the benefits of the customer. AssPro managerline GmbH applies the following rules, without restrictions:

  • Service quality is our paramount dictum to ensure a successful business relationship with the brokers in our strategic alliance. Our experienced and well-trained staff are dedicated to their own continuing education. We constantly keep the required service quality at a high level.
  • We are and remain a reliable partner for the brokers in our strategic alliance. We keep our promises.
  • Trust and discretion go hand-in-hand. That is the only way for us to achieve our goal of a long-term, productive business relationship.
  • As a rule we make offers within one day, issue preliminary insurance cover immediately and issue policies within just a few working days.
  • Our absolute specialization means that we know the markets better than almost any other company. We use this constantly to implement creative, new cover concepts.
  • Our business success is based on excellent relationships with our clients. Our members of staff are our company’s most important human capital. Our behavior is governed by mutual respect, friendliness and politeness.